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Signature Edition
You hand me 50 points, and I give you your own OC - complete with custom paint job, aerodynamic options, (Rear Wing, Bull Bars, Custom Rims, ETC.) personality and upgrade setup, in the car, environment, time of day and weather you choose.
Speed Shot
Basically, it's a street shot, but the car's actually moving. Motion blur and aperture are optional.
Street Shot
A still life outside the showroom, with the weather, time of day, location, and car of your choice.
OC Hotrods
If you have an OC and 20 points to spare, let me know and I'll make you a custom paint job based on your OC on a car of your choice. (The car stays in the showroom, tho.)
Showroom Shot
A picture of a car of your choice in the showroom. You can mess with the angle too.

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400 Watcher Contest
Yay, I've reached 400 Watchers! You can't believe how happy and grateful I am! ^^
So as a celebration, Ive decided to hold a contest! ^^
1. Place
250 Points, 2 Fullbodies (shaded)
2. Place
150 Points, 1 Fullbody (shaded)
3rd. Place
50 points, 1 Fullbody (flat-colored)
What you Have to do:
Draw one (or more) of these babies:
...or draw charlie if you wanna xD
How to enter:
-Comment on this journal
END DATE: 31rd of January
-you dont have to be a watcher, but new watchers welcome!
-Have fun
-You can submit multiple Drawings, but each will be judged separately.
Have fun everyone! ^^
Entries so far:
:iconshinyraupy:ShinyRaupy 13 45
LOE Sunset Shimmer by uotapo LOE Sunset Shimmer :iconuotapo:uotapo 5,868 403
Megami Saga Art Contest (Dec 2~Feb 20+)

Update Feb 20:  We will allow you to submit artwork to the contest until March 1 however if it's submitted after the poll has started on Feb 21, 12:00 PST will receive a 5% score penalty for behind late.
1st prize: $30 USD or a 1/3 Scale Wall Decal
2nd prize: $15 USD or Megami Saga Resurrection: Prologue (Chapters 1~5)
3rd prize: $5 USD or a Chibi Wall Decal

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Heeeeres BECKY by CaptRicoSakara Heeeeres BECKY :iconcaptricosakara:CaptRicoSakara 1,202 230
Christmas Contest - win Core Membership
Because the majority wanted a Christmas contest, I will be doing one! :happybounce: 
The Deadline will be the 27th of December.
:lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: 
First Price:  Three month Core Membership (OR the equivalent amount of points<
:iconsoph-art-lover:Soph-art-lover 9 33



Alright. I'm gonna quote Kobayashi on this one, because I don't have a clever opener. "Dragons. The most powerful of all beings. A crea...

by Jen-C

As a long-time Sonic fan, seeing this meme for the first time really got me intrigued as to the various ideas the fanbase could come up...


It's that time again! Post your questions for the Signature Editions in the comments below to be answered in the Signature Edition Special release of Velocity Weekly! (I'm serious, JUST the Signature Editions, not me. I seriously need a reason to flesh out their respective characters. OK? OK.)
The TVM Treatment: Mercedes
(Note: This character belongs to :iconprojectoneamg:.)

Subject 0002: Mercedes

Make: Mercedes-AMG

Model: GT R

Year: 2017

Drivetrain Pre-Treatment: Rear-Wheel

Top Speed Pre-Treatment: 197 MPH

0-60 MPH Pre-Treatment: 3.5 Seconds

Ride Height Pre-Treatment: 4.4 Inches

Horsepower Pre-Treatment: 577

Weight Pre-Treatment: 3,428 Pounds


Drivetrain Post-Treatment: All-Wheel

Top Speed Post-Treatment: 267.7 MPH

0-60 MPH Post-Treatment: 2.1 Seconds

Ride Height Post-Treatment: 4.0 Inches

Horsepower Post-Treatment: 1,452

Weight Post-Treatment: 2,955 Pounds

Just remember, the doctor is always in.
The TVM Treatment: Bruce (Read Description)
Now then, for those of you who actually read the title, let me tell you about what's going on. I started the TVM Treatment in order to offer performance customization to vehicular OC's, such as that of :iconprojectoneamg:. And here, we have Bruce. So, now I will list Bruce's previous performance statistics, and compare them to what the TVM Treatment brings.

Subject 0001: Bruce

Make: McLaren

Model: P1

Year: 2013

Drivetrain (Pre-Treatment): Rear-Wheel

Top Speed (Pre-Treatment): 217 MPH

0-60 MPH (Pre-Treatment): 2.9 Seconds

Ride Height (Pre-Treatment): 2.8 Inches

Horsepower (Pre-Treatment): 903

Weight (Pre-Treatment): 3,411 Pounds


Drivetrain (Post-Treatment): All-Wheel

Top Speed (Post-Treatment): 270.7 MPH

0-60 MPH (Post-Treatment): 1.74 Seconds

Ride Height (Post-Treatment): 1.6 Inches

Horsepower (Post-Treatment): 1,061

Weight (Post-Treatment): 2,964 Pounds

Just remember, the doctor's always in.
Sign. Edition S4: Marcus
Marcus is a 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia GTE, and one who never cared for practicality. Originally starting out as a Motorsport master, he soon found his way to Horizon Australia in search of more extreme race routes. And apparently, he found them, because he’s been dominating circuit races ever since. So if you see Marcus coming in your rear view, save yourself some grief and just let him go.
Atomic Fusion
A body made from scaffolding, rear-wheel drive, V8 engine, and a curb weight of 1,400 lbs.

How come WE haven't come up with this kinda stuff!?
The Long Haul
Twelve miles. Thirteen horsepower. Uneven terrain. And a top speed that fails to reach 60 MPH.

You're gonna be here a while.
Midterm season may be upon us, but that don't mean I'm not gonna deliver. Welcome, dear readers. to the eighth volume of Velocity Weekly, the only newsletter on DA to be served at upwards of 250 MPH. Another week of motoring, another week of deviousness, all that goodness. And that always means more headlines from the automotive world! Wraith, what do ya got for us?


Well, Velocity, quite a bit, actually. First off comes from BMW, more specifically, the new M5. This car was normally known as a performance saloon car for those who wanted a little more kick out of a four seater. But the new version is... just that. Except for one little detail: It's got AWD now, something no other M5 has had. So now, mountain roads are no longer out of this car's reach.

17. Bmw M5 by Velocity0156

Next on the lineup is another German performance saloon: But one that didn't start as a performance saloon. And personally, this isn't the best looking four-door saloon ever. This is the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door. Basically, it's the Mercedes GT, just with an extra pair of doors slapped on. But considering it's performance rivals that of the Panamera, we know this car did something right.

18. Mercedes GT 4-Door by Velocity0156

The last headline is a bit of a downer, as it involves the death of a classic motoring icon, and the inspiration for the Porsche 911. And wouldn't you know it, it's also German. (Italy is best car country, dummkopf.) Sad to say, Volkswagen is discontinuing the Beetle. However, the traditional model and the Dune Beetle will remain in production for this year, but anything past 2019 is heads or tails. Oh, well.

Image result for vw beetle

And, as we step out of Doitchland, we enter the Q&A zone. Sydney?


Well, Wraith, we have quite a few double questions this week, so let's group them together. First off is from :iconnemesisrr:.

28 by Velocity0156
32 by Velocity0156

(Velocity): As for your first question, Ms. Rosario+Vampire, I would... maybe. Considering I could probably handle her when she's pissed off, and how she couldn't suck my blood, seeing as how Gasoline runs through my veins. Preferably premium. As for your second question, quite frankly, my signature ride is that thing's successor, and has 500 more horses. I think I'll be fine.

(Sydney): Seriously, I've seen him take his One:1 for joyrides, and it looks like something out of 250 MPH Gymkhana. Anyways, next two questions are from :iconprojectoneamg:.

31 by Velocity0156

(Velocity): As for your first question, while I traditionally don't throw shade on a fellow Koenigsegg, I've gotta break the new chick in. So, send her my way when you get the chance. As for your second question, I failed to noticed them until now. Long story short, not bad.

(Sydney): Next pair of questions is from :iconcarrerax:.

33 by Velocity0156
30 by Velocity0156

(Velocity): As for the 992, no luck. BUT, I did see a sort-of-a-911 joyriding through my festival the other day. I sent Sunburst after him/her, haven't seen either since. As for your second question, who said I had to pick a side?

(Sydney): You should see his records. On either side of the law. Anyway, next question comes from :iconferrarif12berlinetta:.

35 by Velocity0156

(Velocity): Again with the quiz questions? Let's run through process of elimination again since I already know the answer to that. 11 Minutes is way too specific, 1 Day brings no sense of danger, and the time wouldn't vary between realms, because we need a constant to go off of. So, all that leaves is One Hour.

(Sydney): Deduction skills, this man has them. Anyway, next question comes from :iconnissangtrnismo:.

34 by Velocity0156

(Velocity): Sorry. Classified information.

(Sydney): Sorry, Nismo, but there's some stuff no one should know. Last question of the day comes from :iconclawinginmyclaw:.

29 by Velocity0156

(Velocity): ...

Oh, lord almighty. I remember that day like it was fifty-six seconds ago. Maroondah Rainforest, Coastal Australia, 5:13 PM, October Seventeenth. I was giving Tenebris a test drive when he was still classified as an Experimental Signature Edition. I was coming through a chicane at about 240 MPH, running the apexes while dodging some heavy rush hour traffic. Then, I was coming up on a corner that would normally be a braking point, but I was convinced that Tenebris would have enough downforce and grip to make the turn with the hammer down. But, you know what they say: You plan, and God laughs at you. I ended up hitting the apex just a little too hard, and ran the left-side tires through the grass. That got the wheels spinning enough that I got completely sideways across two-lane traffic at 200+ MPH. Sure enough, one very unlucky Gallardo came along, T-Boned me in my driver's side, sent me about fifteen feet in the air. Must've rolled over about eight times before the now trashed Tenebris decided to grind to a sparky and fiery halt. Next thing I know, I'm out a $2.8 Million hypercar... and my left arm. Believe me, it was a pain having to walk back to Byron Bay with only three limbs. Took a whole lot of magic to stay conscious. And before you ask, yes, I now have a cybernetic arm. Works pretty well, actually.

(Sydney): And it's the same arm that allows me, an AI program, to help in battle from time to time. But, that's all for the Q&A. So, let's change lanes real quick and see what Velocity has in store for us.


Well, Sydney, first on the list is not the little cliffhanger I left you guys on last week. We have that stowed away for later. But for now...


(Velocity): WELCOME, dear viewers, to another exclusive interview! Some say he's a seven-foot tall animatronic bunny, and others will tell you that since he runs at a constant 98.6 degrees, he has no chill. Ladies and Gentlemen, Bona8Gamer! Please, introduce yourself.

well, I'm a rabbit, around 7 feet tall, I can be chill at times, even a hothead when it comes to certain things, but what I love to do most is playing Forza 7, with 3 of my cars I use most, the Black Widow Package, Slick, and Blackout, now I know, they can be aggressive at times, hey we all can be, am I right, anyways I enjoy playing video games, I enjoy Ren and Stimpy, I do have a yt channel, it'll be full of forza content, and I'm part of the Forza community/fandom

I asked for an introduction, not an introductory monologue. Anyways, what got you started here on DA?

well, at first it was just something so I can be social over the summer, I wasn't very social

Relatable. Granted, I was probably spending my time dominating global leaderboards, but I digress. Tell me: What sparked you interest in Five Nights at Freddy's, and as a result, Bonnie?

well, I actually liked his withered design, then the puppet version, in other words, I just like the design of Bonnie, but I started liking fnaf by watching Markiplier's videos of them

Interesting. Well, do you have a favorite car, and do you have a reason for it?

the 918, Chiron, and Veyron, I like the way they look with their sleek designs and aerodynamics

A German/French car person, I see. One last question before we let you go: Your opinions on the Jeep Trackhawk?

I like the performance of the trackhawk, with its powerful v8 supercharged engine, not much of a change to the exterior, but anyways, we might have a war to see which suv is the fastest, like what the hypercars are having now

Thank you for your answer. Now then, about now is the time I tell you I can't just send you beck to your gallery, and instead I have to blast you back in through means of slapstick humor, but I have a little something special in store for you. You get... 

The Funtime Cannon. A remodeled version of the Loose Cannon manufactured to look like Funtime Freddy. Any last words?

yea, I do, why was this even made

Because how else am I going to launch you across universes by means of a FNAF-themed instrument of Deviant Transport and Unexplainable Slapstick Humor? 

Also, I felt like it. Oh yeah, one more thing.

Hey, Bon-Bon?

(Bona): ok you got me

(Velocity): GO GET 'EM!!

(Bona): oh god

(Considerably Loud Explosion)

(Velocity): And with that, our mechanized mate is experiencing interdimensional travel firsthand - no safety equipment required. Probably. Anyway, one last thing before we sign off. Last week, we left you THIS cliffhanger photo: 

266. Photo Finish! by Velocity0156

Showing a Ford Focus flying across the path of a moving train, and it was your job to guess what happened next. And to the total ONE of you who answered, which just happens to be the guy I just shot out of a cannon...

270. Too Close For Comfort! by Velocity0156

You were right. The Answer was A, the Focus dodges the train Fast and Furious style. What am I, YeahMap? Anyways, on that bombshell, it's time to end. Thanks for tuning in, and we will have a special surprise for you later this week. GOOD NIGHT!!



Velocity0156's Profile Picture
Is A Koenigsegg, Apparently
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
A guy who loves cars, music and games. I've got quite a bit of free time on my hands, so if you need help, a suggestion or want to ask a question, go right ahead! Enjoy my work, por favor?

Xbox 360: Velocity0155
Xbox One: Velocity0156
PlayStation 4: Velocity0157

Potential FAQ's

Q: Do I Take Requests?
A: Nope. That went out the window a while ago.
Q: Do I Take Commissions?
A: Yes I do!
Q: Do I take collab invitations?
A: Yes I do, believe it or not.
Q: Do I have OC's?
A: Yes, in the form of Signature Edition cars.…
Q: Do I host contests?
A: All the time. And joining them all the time too!
Q: What's your favorite car?
A: You wanna take a wild guess?
Q: If I have Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport 5, or Forza Motorsport 6, can I join you?
A: Abso-freaking-lutely. I can race, drift, tune, cruise, whatever we wanna do.
Q: Do you ever do anything other than digital art?
A: On occasion. I have an OC of mine running a series of stories over at :iconvelocitynovelties:, and I will post traditional art that I do from my art class from time to time.
Q: Do you do anything in Forza Horizon 3 other than photos?
A: You bet your right rear fender, I do! I'm working up my reputation on the online servers as among the fastest in the world, so I'm constantly tuning and mastering routes. So if I leave you in the dust, don't take it personally. It just happens a lot. I also take part in a tradition of mine, which I call Live Stream Crashing, or Raiding, to others. I just find anyone who's doing a live stream of the game, then I join their game and show them what I'm made of. Basically, I like to dominate and make sure everyone knows I did just that.

Anything else?



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